Today the Yellow Freight web site at has a new look. According to Yellow spokesman Roger Dick, Yellow has given a new name for what had been called Personalized Account Services. The functions remain pretty much the same, he explained, but the old name is gone, replaced by something more, well, personal: My Yellow.
My Yellow joins at least three other major "mys" in the digital trucking universe -- My UPS, My Roadway and My ABF. Each allows web surfing shippers to access account information at password-protected sites.
Meanwhile it seems everyone on the web is "personalizing" sites with names like My Yahoo, My Snap, My Porsche and so on.
Where did it all begin?

Perhaps it was that little icon on the Microsoft Windows 95 and 98 opening desktop screens labeled "My Computer."
Did My Computer escape on the Internet, scattering traces of itself wherever it goes? Maybe.
We may have to live with My UPS, My Roadway, My ABF and now My Yellow, but we don't have to live with My Computer. Here's how to change it:
Right mouse click the My Computer icon and select "properties." Then click "rename" and fill in something, anything, else. George will do.