It's hard enough for truck drivers to find medical treatment on the road without having to give your full medical history every time. A new service is working with trucking companies to use the Internet to provide important medical background information. Integrated Health Records is working with trucking companies on a program that will allow drivers and employees to enter their medical profiles into a secure, Internet-accessible database. After doing so, the drivers will be issued ID cards. If they need medical treatment, the medical facility can access the Internet to get the data needed. The information is available even if the patient is unconscious or too badly injured or sick to provide the needed background.
RXData says the service will not only allow truckers to get faster, more efficient medical treatment, it will also save trucking companies money in the costs of employee time normally required to give this information to medical facilities or insurance companies.
In addition to truckers, the service will be aimed at travel agencies, tour groups, cruise lines, school districts, unions and others.