The California Highway Patrol and the California Trucking Assn. have unveiled a new program for citizens to report good or bad truck driving.

The Citizen's Hotline reporting program uses forms available at any Central Valley CHP office. People can pick up the forms at their convenience, then fill them out when they observe notable behavior on the highways. The completed forms are then mailed to the CTA, where they will be logged and the appropriate trucking company will be notified.
If the association finds that certain companies or certain drivers are getting repeated complaints, it will try to work with the company to improve its safety record. But the group hopes that motorists will report good truck drivers, as well.
"As trucking company owners, we want to know when our drivers are doing a good job, or helping people on the road," says Vic Sward with the CTA, owner of Sward Trucking in Modesto. "But we also want to know when our drivers are not doing a good job - so we can try to head off an accident before one happens."