The Xerox Corp., Rochester, NY, has announced a strategic alliance with WebGalaxy Inc., of Carlsbad, CA, an Internet service provider with strong ties to the U.S. labor movement. Xerox will offer computer and Internet consulting to unions affiliated with WebGalaxy and will also create e-commerce systems for use by both union organizations and members, including online shopping.

WebGalaxy ( now claims to have agreements with unions representing 2.75 million U.S. workers and will soon launch an Internet service called United Labor on Line. WebGalaxy is competing with iBelong, Inc., Boston, MA, which plans a web site for the AFL-CIO. Both companies are competing for affiliation by the Teamsters, trucking's largest union, which currently operates a web site of its own (
Meanwhile, a web site called, launched in June, has changed its name to and is currently off-line. According to the Teamsters, the USLabor group consisted of "loosely affiliated Teamsters" unauthorized to use the Teamster name.