A California Highway Patrol study has found more instances of oversize loads hitting overpasses than previously reported by the California Department of Transportation.

This year alone, bad routing instructions from Caltrans caused at least 12 and perhaps as many as 14 low overpass collisions. That's twice as many as the seven accidents Caltrans reported last month that it has linked to permitting mistakes, including a fatal July 19 accident in Anaheim. The total is as high as 32 incidents over the past three years, according to the report.
State Sen. Joe Dunn, which will review the CHP report, says Caltrans initially assured lawmakers these were isolated incidents. "With each passing month, the number increases, and the cause for alarm by the public rises," he told the Associated Press.
Caltrans says its number is accurate, and will review the CHP data to make sure all the crashes cited by the CHP involved permitted loads.