Delphi Automotive Systems has agreed to supply engine electronics and hydraulic control modules for Caterpillar.

Delphi Delco Electronics Systems, a division of Delphi Automotive Systems, will co-develop engine controllers for all of Caterpillar's diesel engines and many Caterpillar machines, with the start of production in mid-2001. Delphi Delco Electronics Systems, in conjunction with Delphi Energy & Engine Management Systems, is developing a new line of hydraulic control modules, which consist of sensor and actuator components, integrated with control electronics into a compact and cost-effective package. Close coupling of technology in this manner provides Caterpillar a new generation of control architecture.
In addition, Delphi will work with Caterpillar to develop new generations of electronic control modules. The agreement, which includes Caterpillar heavy-duty, medium-duty and light-duty diesel engines, runs through the year 2004.