Roadrunner Trucking, Albuquerque, NM, has launched a specialized division that increases its operating tractor fleet by more than 20%.

The Roadrunner specialized division includes an operating fleet of 150 tractors, bringing Roadrunner's total fleet to 850. The new division provides flatbed specialty services that include extendable trailers, drop/doubledrop trailers and other over-dimensional specialized services.
"The formation of the new division has allowed Roadrunner to aggressively enter a new and lucrative transportation niche in which higher operating margins have traditionally been attained," says Roadrunner President Larry Corn. The revenue contribution of the specialized division is expected to bring Roadrunner's total operating revenues above $100 million for the first time.
The Roadrunner Trucking Specialized Division includes six new terminals, as well, broadening the total Roadrunner terminal network to 21.
The launch of the new division follows the successful addition of an Express Division in 1998.
Roadrunner is a subsidiary of Intrenet Inc., one of the largest flatbed carriers in North America, operating a fleet of approximately 2,500 tractors, both company-owned and owner-operator units, through several subsidiaries.