It's official: As of Sept. 1, speed limits in Texas will be the same for heavy trucks and passenger vehicles on most highways. Gov. George W. Bush Sunday signed HB 676, ending split speed limits.

The new speed limits will be 70 mph daytime, 65 at night, on rural interstates and many of the state's major routes. Each of the state's 25 transportation districts will be responsible for changing road signs in their districts.
The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Assn. lobbied heavily for the law.
"I've never seen a committee operate, but this issue was really important to highway safety," says OOIDA member R.T. Warden. He had taken a load to San Antonio and swung by his home, where an OOIDA alert about the transportation committee was waiting. "I picked up a tie and jacket and headed for Austin. I parked my truck and took a cab to the capitol building." There were a number of other truckers, there, as well. "It was pretty obvious we were making our presence known."