Due to an unexpectedly long debate on an unrelated issue in Michigan, lawmakers in the House Transportation Committee were not able to consider a speed-limit bill during their May 20 meeting.

House Bill 4377 would create uniform speed limits for cars and trucks on a test basis. However, the future of the legislation is in limbo because of the delay. The bill's sponsors hope that the Transportation Committee will vote on the measure at their first meeting in June. If not, further consideration of uniform speed limits could not occur before the fall.
In its current form, HB 4377 would authorize a test of truck speeds at 65 mph on 500 miles of interstate highway in Michigan. The test would last for one year, with the results going back to the Legislature for further consideration.
To contact Rick Johnson, chairman of the committee, call (517) 373-1747 or e-mail rijohnson@house.state.mi.us.