The Illinois Secretary of State wants to retest more truckers who may have gotten their commercial driver's licenses in a bribery scandal.

More than 3,000 truckers have already been called in for retests since a federal probe began of an alleged bribes-for-licenses operation. But a spokesman for Secretary of State Jesse White said last week that the office wants to retest thousands more. White's plan could include retesting truckers who obtained their licenses at the facilities where six workers charged or convicted in the investigation were employed.
Critics say the large-scale retesting would be a huge inconvenience. Fred Serpe, head of the Illinois Transportation Assn., called it a witch hunt and asked who was going to foot the bill for this.
One possible alternative is random testing of truckers who got licenses from those involved in the scandal. Serpe suggested selecting only truckers with poor driving records for retesting.
One trucker, who has been in the limelight for causing a fatal accident, recently had his CDL revoked for not showing up to take a court-ordered retest: Ricardo Guzman was the trucker involved in a 1994 crash that left six children dead. Two employees of the license office that issued Guzman his license later were indicted for their alleged involvement in the bribery scandal.