The Louisiana charter bus crash that killed 22 people on Mother's Day has drawn renewed criticism of commercial vehicle oversight from Rep. Frank Wolf, R-VA.

The Associated Press reports that Wolf wrote to Transportation Secretary Rodney Slater, saying, "The most recent accident shows that motor coach accidents are a growing problem, not a fluke, as many portrayed the three New Jersey accidents" in December and January. "I call on you today to wake up to the fact that the Office of Motor Carriers must be improved and moved from the FHWA. Delay means more deaths."
Wolf has been pushing to get the Office of Motor Carrier and Highway Safety moved from out of the Federal Highway Administration and into the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Legislation he introduced last year to do just that was defeated, but the topic has been discussed in numerous truck safety hearings on Capitol Hill in recent months. Wolf has said he is open to other solutions; one fix that has been recommended is the creation of an entirely new commercial vehicle administration, similar to the Federal Aviation Administration or the Federal Railroad Administration.
Legislation addressing the issue is expected to emerge from the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee this summer.