Washington is the latest state to consider a bill dealing with road rage.

Under Senate Bill 5291, a person could be charged with aggressive driving if he or she commits two or more acts of aggressive driving within five consecutive miles in a manner that intimidates or threatens another person. First-time offenders would face a maximum penalty of a day in jail and a $350 fine. A second violation within a five-year period would carry a maximum penalty of two days in jail and a $500 fine. Offenders also would face a 60-day license suspension.
The bill defines aggressive driving by 26 traffic infractions, including tailgating, overtaking on the right and speeding.
Statistics from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety show the average number of violent incidents reported between drivers has risen 51% since 1990. Arizona is the only state with a road rage law on the books, although several other states have introduced road rage legislation, including Kansas, Utah and Oregon.