Cardinal Freight Carriers, Concord, NC, announced a 10.8% pay increase to 37 cents per mile for veteran over-the-road van drivers.

“We appreciate drivers with a proven performance on the road,” says President Ed Randolph, “so we factor verifiable experience into the criteria used to establish their start rates at Cardinal, which can be as high as 37 cents per mile.” Randolph also notes that the company is getting drivers home on weekends 83% of the time.
A company official noted that not all companies reward drivers for their years of experience with other carriers. Cardinal, however, will pay their top rate to drivers with at least 10 years of experience and a good safety record.
Cardinal’s starting pay is 28 cents per mile with one year’s experience. Experience between one and 10 years will be factored in accordingly, up to that 37 cents per mile.
In addition to the new pay, Cardinal has changed its safety bonuses to monthly instead of quarterly, so drivers can see their financial rewards more quickly.