Meteorologists were recommending against traveling in New England last night as a surprise storm, with heavy snow and winds gusting over 50 mph, created blizzard and whiteout conditions in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

In some areas of New England, more than a foot of snow had fallen through yesterday afternoon. Before this storm, Boston had only received 18 inches of snow for the season, but they may add up to 10 inches onto that total by the time this storm winds down today. Winds will add to the problems as well. Some areas are predicted to end up with as much as 2 feet of snow.
Meanwhile, heavy rains have continued to pound the Pacific Northwest, closing numerous roads because of flooding and mudslides. Eighty-six days of rain have pushed Seattle into the record books. In the last four months, the area has seen 88% of its normal rainfall for the entire year. Another storm system is expected to dump rain on the area today.
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