A new transportation coalition called on the government Monday to keep its promise to American taxpayers to spend all transportation user taxes on transportation.

North Dakota Gov. Edward Schafer and Kentucky Gov. Paul Patton Monday led the Coalition for TRUST (Transportation Revenues Used Solely for Transportation) in a press conference during the National Governors’ Assn. meeting.
“Congress must keep its promise to the American people this year,” said Schafer and Patton. “The federal government must invest all the transportation user taxes for their intended purpose — to repair and improve our nation’s transportation infrastructure.” The group says Congress and the administration made this promise when they passed and signed the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century last year.
The Coalition for TRUST represents a cross section of American business, labor and farm organizations, including groups such as the National Governors’ Assn., the American Automobile Assn. and the AFL-CIO.
The Road Information Program, a nonprofit transportation research group, issued a related statement Monday saying that another $35 billion a year is needed to make improvements to relieve congestion, reduce traffic accidents and maximize economic benefits.