Nov. 21 – A snowstorm brought near-blizzard conditions to eastern North Dakota Wednesday, closing I-29 and U.S. 2 until Thursday morning, reports the Associated Press.
Grand Forks got nearly 13 inches of snow and Fargo got nearly 8 inches.
Drivers could hardly see along interstates 94 and 29 in eastern North Dakota Wednesday afternoon, with visibility dropping to zero at times in the Valley City area. The National Weather Service reported thunder and lightning as the storm moved into the Fargo area. Blowing snow soon became too much for snowplows, which had to stop until conditions improved.
Randy Helmstad, owner of Randy’s Towing in Grand Forks, told the AP he decided to keep his two trucks restricted to town. He was on his way to jump-start a car north of Grand Forks during Wednesday’s storm when he decided to turn around. “Visibility was getting worse and worse,” he said. “I figured if I get stuck with my big pic, who’s going to get me out?”
The weather forecast for this weekend calls for a warmup, with highs in the upper 40s.