Nov. 11 – “It’s too early for all of this.” That's the sentiment from Bernard Feldhaus Jr., President of Feldhaus Trucking in Howard, SD, and president of the South Dakota Trucking Assn on an early snowstorm that’s affecting truckers.

The first snowstorm of the winter season swept through the nation's midsection yesterday, even though winter doesn't officially arrive for another six weeks. “I've got trucks ready to go, but there's no way they can get out in this,” Feldhaus says. He is hopeful the conditions will improve and they'll be able to hit the road sometime today.
As if the snow and ice wasn't bad enough, strong, gusty winds blew snow around, reducing visibility to almost nothing.
In Minnesota, cars piled up on snowy and icy roads. In South Dakota parts of I-90 and 29 were closed. Snow also fell in parts of eastern Montana and in higher elevations of Utah and Colorado. Further south, the snow turned into a line of heavy rains that traveled through the Southeast Tuesday afternoon, bringing with it gusty winds and thunderstorms.
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