Nov. 3 – Nebraska and Minnesota are both planning to use new snow gates to shut down interstate highways when the weather gets too severe.
In Nebraska, onramp gates made of aluminum and locked with padlocks will be placed at every interchange from York west to keep vehicles from entering the highway when it has been closed. Gates will also be used across the interstate at major interchanges. Some of the gates are already installed, and others will be ready before winter.
The Minnesota Department of Transportation has installed 43 gates on I-90 from the South Dakota border to Albert Lea to guide traffic off the interstate and keep drivers off the highway during severe winter storms. A recent study indicated that 42% of the crashes on I-90 are related to snow and icy road conditions. Going around a closed gate could mean a fine of up to $700 and 90 days in jail.
Similar interstate gates already are used in Colorado and Wyoming.