Sept. 11 – A trucker who slammed into a Colorado school bus after apparently falling asleep earlier this month has been charged with careless driving.
Ricky Martinez was cited for two counts of careless driving causing bodily injury, one for each student critically injured in the Sept. 1 crash. If convicted, he would have eight points, four for each charge, on his CDL, not enough for him to lose his license. However, he could be fined between $500 and $5,000 and/or be sent to jail for six to 18 months for each charge.
Martinez’s grain truck hit the left rear corner of the bus as it was unloading students. A preliminary investigation indicated he had dozed off. State Patrol spokesman Jim Wolfinbarger told the Denver Post that Martinez could have been working extra-long hours to keep up with the end-of-season demand for grain haulers.