A triple-trailer truck was on display at the Hollywood Bowl as part of a press conference sponsored by Californians for Safe Highways (CSH) as part of a state campaign to block the use of triples on Southern California highways.
Trucking industry lobbyists are urging Congress to adopt a states’ rights amendment to a major federal highway bill which would open highways I-15 and I-40 up to oversized rigs and triple-trailers.
fsCSH spokesmen say they believe bigger trucks pose unacceptable safety, infrastructure and economic risks. At the press event, the group attempted to show that triples are difficult to control, prone to jackknifing and rollover, dangerous to motorists, damage highways and bridges and cause environmental problems. CSH is comprised of safety, public health, community leaders, environmental, business and law enforcement officials which wish to stop the spread of bigger, heavier trucks into California.