Payne & Associates has released full-fleet operating software as well as internet locator and load tracking software.
Visual Dispatch, a Windows 32-bit application controls the entire fleet dispatch operation, performing order entry, equipment/driver assignment, load optimization, routing, tracking, invoicing, contract-carrier settlements and manager reporting. Quick pull-down menus and auto-fill text facilitates easy data entry, while standard order-entry screens answer varying business needs.
Software also features a multi-tasking capability which allows user to enter an order, search for a driver, dispatch a load and produce lane analysis reports. Multi-tasking also lets customers use the system over a local area network.
The Internet Locator application directs drivers of downed trucks to the nearest repair facility. Program uses an algorithm to calculate distance and direction. Driver receives information on the exact distance and direction of the vendor. Information on 32,000 repair facilities is added and updated to the system everyday, and users can add their own information to the database, as well.
The company also offers LoadTracker, which streamlines the tracking process with on-line, real-time information. Carriers can connect with Payne’s Internet site and receive a detailed shipment status for a low transaction cost. System helps eliminate multiple EDI protocols, thereby providing substantial time and cost savings, maker says.
For more information, call (800) 221-7080.