TIP (Transport International Pool) has released an upgraded version of its Business Partners Program featuring an expanded internal database of trailer fleet information.
The original program consisted of Trailer Availability Manager, Rental Activity Manager and INtermodal Asset Manager, three software modules that enabled customers to identify TIP over-the-road and intermodal equipment and review rental activity and costs to date.
Two new modules include The One-Way Availability Manager, designed to track trailers for one-way use to other locations, and the on-line availability of National Trailer Storage Information. National Trailer Storage is a TIP division with 14 national branches. The new module allows customers to find solutions to their storage needs on a national or local level.
The new software also allows users to take advantage of TIP’s one-way trailer moves, often at discounted standard rental rates.
For more information, check out TIP’s website at http://trailers.ge.com.