Paradigm4 Inc. has signed an agreement to resell Norand PenKey hand-held computers in addition to other software and peripheral equipment.
The PenKey products from Norand offer an array of data entry options which allow users to touch the display screen with a stylus or fingertip or by using the computer keypad. Units feature a 386, 486 or AMD-XS 32-bit processor and can be equipped with integrated laser scanning.
The model 4500 hand-held computers are designed for mobile data collection for route accounting or other applications. Their modular design makes their easier to configure, install and expand, and units are designed to withstand harsh route accounting conditions.
Paradigm4 provides end-to-end sireless solutions for the mobile computing marketplace. Through wireless integration services and applications, the company offers customers advanced data collection outsourcing, wireless software applications and wireless intranet service.
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