The NATSO Foundation is asking for proposals under its 1998 industry research grant program. The foundation is offering two grants up to $5,000 each for the study of the truckstop and travel plaza industry.
NATSO will review all research proposals related to truckstop and travel plaza operations and management, but it is specifically seeking proposals in these priority areas:
• Influences on the stopping decisions of professional truck drivers and the traveling public.
• The relationship between fuel sales and sales at other truckstop profit centers.
• The Impact of the International Fuel Tax Agreement on the truckstop industry.
• The impact and implications of point-of-sale technology on the truckstop industry.
Written proposals must be received by the NATSO Foundation no later than May 1, 1998. Contact The NATSO Foundation, 1199 North Fairfax St., Suite 801, Alexandria, VA 22314; phone (703) 549-2100. E-mail: