Paul Stalknecht, long-time state relations expert for the American Trucking Associations, has left ATA.
His duties have been taken over by Bill Canary, who has been named Senior Vice President for State, Federation, and Intergovernmental Affairs.
The departure of Stalknecht completes the staffing transition at ATA that began in 1997 with the appointment of Walter B. McCormick Jr. as successor to president and CEO Thomas J. Donohue. Stalknecht was the last of the senior Donohue-era executives in Washington.
Stalknecht, who said he will stay in Washington, is serving as a consultant to Fletch Transportation Services, a partnership among several Indiana-based companies – including the Indiana Motor Truck Assn. – that aims to offer a trucking industry discount program.
Dubbed RoadNation, the subscription-based program will offer discounts on products and services, as well as communications, to trucking industry employees.
State trucking associations will have the opportunity to join the program, Stalknecht said.
Stalknecht spent more than two decades at ATA, much of that time as the principal liaison between the national association and its state association members. During McCormick’s tenure, ATA has de-emphasized state relations.
Stalknecht came to ATA from the New Jersey Motor Truck Assn., where he was executive director.
Canary has been ATA’s liaison with state and municipal intergovernmental associations. He joined ATA nine years ago, in the Donohue era, but has been based in Alabama much of that time.
Prior to joining ATA, Canary served in the Bush White House as Special Assistant for Intergovernmental Affairs. He also served as Chief of Staff for the Republican National Committee.