The Werner Edge tablets can be taken from the truck and used by drivers in truckstops or other...

The Werner Edge tablets can be taken from the truck and used by drivers in truckstops or other areas.

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Werner Enterprises has targeted the driver experience for the initial rollout of Werner Edge, an innovative technology solution featuring modern tablets and a more efficient, easy-to-use workflow.

One of the largest truckload carriers in the U.S., the Omaha, Nebraska-based transportation and logistics provider was an early adopter of electronic logs, but it was time for an overhaul, and the result is designed to address driver and customer needs now and into the future.

“Our drivers’ and customers’ challenges require best-in-class technology, innovation and talent. Anything we can do to make their experiences more productive and rewarding while simplifying their lives deserves our focus and attention,” explained Derek Leathers, president and CEO, in an announcement. “Werner Edge combines our asset-backed history with our forward-looking logistics strategy to deliver innovative solutions that support our company and the industry at large, now and for the road ahead.”

In a recent HDT webinar, VP of Fleet Systems and Technology Danny Lilley, a 2020 HDT Truck Fleet Innovator, explained that the company “focused on the technology that touches all of our drivers, our carriers, our shippers,” asking itself, “What are those tools that enable them to perform better, to get their goods more quickly, and to have more visibility?

“A lot of that focus has been on our driver-facing technology,” he added. “How do we improve the experience in the cabs of our trucks? How do we enable our drivers to be more efficient and more productive? A lot of the existing telematics and workflow solutions out there are pretty cumbersome. So we have started to deploy a solution that has a much better workflow, a much better interface, using modern tablets, to really enable them to have the tools and the information in front of them.”

Drivers are empowered to spend more time driving and less time on administrative work.

Drivers are empowered to spend more time driving and less time on administrative work.

Photo: Werner

First to launch within Werner Edge are three new solutions built to enrich the performance and safety of professional drivers on and off the road. Adding to the company’s current roster of driver solutions – including its Drive Werner app – new innovations include:

  • An untethered, tablet-based telematics solution that supports a safer and more efficient experience, providing professional drivers with a smart workflow, best-in-class navigation, improved safety features and reduced manual data entry.
  • Powered by machine learning, Critical Event Management identifies and responds to safety events more effectively, providing drivers with coaching and accolades in real-time.
  • A cloud-based solution, Breakdown Management, that simplifies the repair order process during a road breakdown, getting drivers back on the road safely and without delay.

“These solutions are three of many in the pipeline powered by Werner Edge that will deliver improved performance, increased safety and enhanced communication,” Lilley said. “We look forward to producing additional technologies that support our drivers and customers.”

The company plans to launch additional driver, shipper and carrier innovations later this year. For more information, visit  

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