FourKites’ Congestion Map Tracks Cross-Border, Port Delays

Image: FourKites

FourKites has created a live Network Congestion Map that tracks cross-border freight movements across North America, Mexico, and Europe, port delays from more than 230 ports globally, and interstate transit metrics. The free interactive map shows how supply chains continue to feel the strain of the COVID-19 outbreak, giving fleets new visibility into delays to allow them to plan proactively and optimize their supply chain operations.

The interactive map details average wait times for trucks and ships.

“FourKites’ Network Congestion Map is a great way to understand current impacts and potential risks for the global supply networks that rely on ocean freight,” said Sergiy Yablonskiy, senior product manager for transportation at Nestlé.

The map, which is being updated continually and will include data covering cities and states throughout the U.S. and Latin America, can also help state governments more accurately understand the flow of goods into their region and enable them to reroute supply convoys to address product shortages.

The new data will also help organizations understand when port congestion overseas is clearing, allowing them to more accurately estimate how long supplies will take to reach international shores.

“This is a difficult time for all of us as global citizens,” said Vivek Vaid, CTO at FourKites. “Armed with this information, companies can keep close tabs on their shipments and make any necessary adjustments to keep goods moving.”

FourKites will continue to update its map as the impact of COVID-19 on global supply chains continues to unfold in the weeks ahead.

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