Uber Freight Adds Bidding to App

Image: Uber Freight

Uber Freight's new bidding feature in its app offers carriers and their drivers increased flexibility and control by allowing them to bid and receive feedback on select loads directly. Carriers are notified if their bid was won or lost, and winning bidders will have the load temporarily reserved for them to book at the winning price. All loads will also include a “Book Now” price, allowing carriers to book immediately.

“Truck drivers are at the heart of the economy. Because they spend long hours behind the wheel and days or weeks away from home, it’s vital that carriers and drivers have access to loads with transparent pricing so they can make fast, informed decisions about their business,” said Uber Freight in a statement.

Uber Freight’s pricing engine analyzes market conditions in real time to price loads quickly and transparently, then combines these with bidding information from carriers.

"Especially in turbulent market conditions, this enables Uber Freight to more quickly establish the best rate for both sides of the marketplace," the company noted in a blog post announcing the new feature. "The introduction of in-app bidding will help Uber Freight better balance supply and demand, ensuring that shippers can access the capacity they need at any given time and carriers can source the right loads for their business."

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