NTEA has launched a new Vehicle Life Cycle Cost Tool, which was designed to be flexible and user-friendly and accommodate a variety of truck lifecycle analysis needs and different fleet structures. Check it out at The Work Truck Show 2019.

This cloud-based resource enables fleets, engineers, and sales representatives to load differing depreciation methodologies (such as straight-line, accelerated, and pool depreciation techniques), fuel types, and regional fuel prices to fit the necessary truck or fleet analysis. Users can also incorporate the impact of income taxes into business decisions, where appropriate, and perform what-if scenarios.

Depending on needs, the template can support single-vehicle comparison decisions, vehicle class analysis, and whole fleet calculations. It can also act as a forecast tool when paired with a price sensitivity analysis — often necessary when dealing with volatile fuel price scenarios.

This tool is a free NTEA member benefit (member login required) and not available for public purchase.

NTEA will host a live demonstration of the new tool at The Work Truck Show 2019 on March 6 and 7 in Booth 3400.

Originally posted on Work Truck Online

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