EBE Technologies, which provides software to help fleets manage documents, workflow, and data, is adding services to the mix with the launch of a new company, InfoStream.

The move was announced during the American Trucking Associations’ 2018 Management Conference and Exhibition in Austin, Texas.

InfoStream will provide management services for regulatory compliance, using EBE’s driver management technology help customers meet both regulatory compliance and company-specific needs.

Service offerings will include managing driver qualification files (pre- and post-onboarding), managing drug and alcohol programs, scheduling and monitoring DOT physicals, maintaining vehicle files and scheduling preventive maintenance. Infostream will offer comprehensive consulting services in areas such as DQ file audits, CSA reviews, mock audits and risk assessment.  

Steve Wilhelms, executive vice president and COO of InfoStream, told reporters that safety directors complain that they are overwhelmed with the amount of data available and that too much of their time is taken up with driver recruiting. EBE customers have questions about what’s going to happen with the new CSA program or have run into problems with their DQ files. Some already were complementing EBE’s software solutions with outsources management services. So the company felt there was a definite demand for such a solution.

“Infostream uses EBE’s own software, but we’re taking it that next step, giving it another set of eyes, another set of hands,” Wilhelms said.

Carriers can choose to totally outsource onboarding and compliance tasks to Infostream,  including the management of the driver qualification process from the application phase through post-hire.

On the other hand, he said, some carriers using EBE’s software may only want Infostream to manage particular areas, such as requesting MVRs, handling drug screenings and driver physicals, managing vehicle files, etc.

InfoStream’s dashboards provide two-way communication between company management and InfoStream professionals. Managers can request specific services, reports and driver information directly through the dashboard. To connect with drivers. A driver app and portal allow Infostream to deliver notifications to drivers, allow drivers to submit documents, and keep drivers informed.