Bestpass has announced a trailer pay-by-plate solution to help trailer renting and leasing companies avoid violations and better manage toll costs.

Rental and leasing companies that sign up for the Bestpass trailer plate solution will be able to upload and manage a complete record of all of their trailer plates. They can also rebill tolls incurred on one of their trailers to a customer, to help the companies accurately allocate toll expenses. This helps avoid violations and the administrative fees that go along with it.

The transactions will automatically flow through the Bestpass service, cutting down on time spent processing and assigning transactions. Fleets that already use Bestpass will be able to have tolls on rented or leased equipment roll into their account as well, to help consolidate all the company’s tolls in one place.

“For companies that rent or lease trailers to commercial carriers, processing violations and other toll charges on behalf of their customers is time consuming and can cost them money,” said John Andrews, president and CEO of Bestpass. “We designed this new trailer plate solution, coupled with Bestpass Rebilling capability, to ensure that toll transactions are assigned to the right vehicle and company while also mitigating the impact and cost of violations and unmanaged toll.”