Retread instead launched a nationwide letter campaign to educate Congress on the benefits of...

Retread instead launched a nationwide letter campaign to educate Congress on the benefits of retreadable tires compared with low-quality Chinese options.

Source: Retread Instead

Retread Instead is taking its message about the economic benefits of retreading over buying cheap Chinese tires to Washington DC at the Tire Industry Association sponsored lobby day on June 20.

Retread Instead is a coalition of retread industry supporters that seeks to inform and educate on the environmental and economic benefits of retreading tires instead of buying, selling and running low-quality Chinese-made tires that cannot be retreaded.

The TIA hosts a lobby day in Washington DC to encourage association members to meet with Congress about the importance of its cause. At the beginning of the year, Retread Instead launched a letter campaign for the Senate in advance of the lobby day, generating 5,127 letters mailed to Senators on behalf of companies and people.

The campaign’s goal was to make sure that the United States International Trade Commission has a full complement of commissioners at all times to ensure fair and balanced determinations.

“Retreading and related industries depends on premium new tires for its success and this vital material is being negatively impacted by the importation of low quality, non-retreadable new tires from China at below fair market prices and the retreaders voice must and will be heard during our visit to Capitol Hill,” said, Ron Elliott, Marangoni Tread North America's marketing and communications manager and Retread Instead spokesperson.

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