SAN DIEGO -- Bestpass is providing more ways to integrate its billing services into online fleet management tools with the Bestpass Data Interchange platform.

Announced at the ATA MC&E event in San Diego, the Bestpass Data Interchange platform includes tools to integrate exchange of toll data and other vehicle information in near real-time with online systems.

“While our customers have had the ability to download aggregated up-to-the-minute posted toll data from our portal for a number of years, they’ve been looking for ways to more tightly tie that into their existing management systems,” said John Andrews, CEO of Bestpass.

Tolls are one of the top five daily expenses for many motor carriers and the Bestpass platform helps fleets better track and use data about toll prices and usage, according to Bestpass.

Transactional data can be grouped by cost center, billing group and vehicle location and it is delivered through secure methods including FTP, on-demand download in a web-portal and advanced automated web services accessible by a carrier’s IT department.

The service provides automated and bulk downloads of tolls as well as vehicle updates directly from fleet management and billing systems. Vehicle updates include trucks, tractors and trailers and can include data about temporary and leased units.

The data can be exported in a variety of formats including CSV, XLS, XML and PDF.