McLeod Software is now integrating the XRS mobile platform into its Loadmaster application in a partnership between the two companies.

The LoadMaster application will now include mobile data from the XRS platform such as hours of service, vehicle locations and arrivals/departures. The integration is meant to streamline communication and allow users to access critical information on their fleets in real time.

“With truck location and driver hours of service data integrated into the LoadMaster app, fleet operators can feel confident their teams are in sync,” said Jon Van Winkle, vice president of product management at XRS.

The LoadMaster software is a dispatch operations management system and accounting software solution for trucking fleets. It is in use by over 600 trucking companies in the United States.

“The integrations lead to safer, more profitable fleets through better customer service, reduced clerical time and optimized fleet resources,” said Robert Brothers, manager of product development at McLeod Software.