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Autonomous Trucks Need More than Self-Driving Tech to Become Reality

How does a self-driving truck get dispatched? What happens when it breaks down? If a receiver keeps it sitting waiting to unload? When it encounters a four-way stop or a policeman directing traffic? These questions and more were explored during a panel discussion at the McLeod Software 2018 User Conference.

6 Trucking Transportation Trends for Now and the Future

John Larkin, investment banker and longtime transportation investment research analyst, outlined the trends he’s seeing in freight transportation, many of which are being driven by the evolution of the retail supply chain.

6 Ways Fleets Should Take Advantage of a Strong Economy

“Business has been really good for everyone this year. Everyone has all the freight they can handle. So what do you do with that?” That’s the question McLeod Software President Tom McLeod posed to a crowd of customers in opening remarks at McLeod’s 2018 User Conference in Birmingham, Alabama.