ORLANDO -- Omnitracs has enhanced its Critical Event Reporting application with the addition of Over Speed Events as an add-on and the introduction of an additional provider of integrated Following Time Violation and Forward Collision Warning sensors.

By providing multiple safety-related metrics in a single user-friendly interface, CER helps fleets more efficiently and effectively monitor and manage safe driving.

The Over Speed Events add-on is designed to alert fleet managers when an over-speeding event occurs, enabling them to correct a driver’s performance before the issue escalates into a serious safety incident.

Over Speed information already was available in Omnitracs' Performance Monitoring application, explained Norm Ellis, vice president of transportation and logistics sales, services and marketing, explained in an interview at the Omnitracs booth in Orlando. However, that information is typically used on a trip basis, after the fact. By adding that information to the Critical Event Reporting application, he said, it allows fleets to tak action immediately if necessary.

The Over Speed Events add-on allows fleets to set driver speed thresholds customized for their business and the cargo they are transporting. The CER application relays details about the duration and nature of the event via near-real-time alerts, recording driver activity five minutes before and two minutes after an over-speeding event occurs.

Omnitracs also is expanding the choices available to fleets using its Mobile Computing Platforms by introducing an additional third-party provider of Forward Collision Warning and Following Time Violations sensors. The integrated solution provides real-time notification to the back office of FCW and FTV events, eliminating the need to physically download the information from the truck. The addition of another provider will give fleets even more product and pricing options to best meet their operational needs.

Omnitracs’ CER application delivers a comprehensive, actionable view of safety-oriented, event-driven data summarized by vehicle and driver to help improve performance, safety and accident prevention. The Over Speed Events add-on will be available this month free of charge to CER users currently using Omnitracs’ Performance Monitoring application.