When The History Channels' "Ice Road Truckers" series premieres Sunday, June 5, there will be a new woman trucker in the mix: Maya Sieber, age 27.
Maya Sieber, the new female face on Ice Road Truckers.
Maya Sieber, the new female face on Ice Road Truckers.

She joins seasoned veteran Lisa Kelly, who's proven you don't have to be a big burly guy to throw chains on Alaska's Dalton Highway or navigate the narrow mountainous roads of Tibet.

According to the History Channel website, Maya got her start hauling heavy loads on the crowded streets and highways of New York City. "This season, she is a rookie on the ice roads and one of the few women toughing it out in a man's game, but her ambition and determination could help make her a contender on the hills and climbs of the frozen Dalton Highway. Maya is used to achieving exactly what she puts her mind to, but will that be enough torque to get her up the Dalton?"

In her sporadically updated blog at http://atruckersbody.wordpress.com, Sieber, aka "Short Stack" (she's just 5'-4") introduced herself last August, writing, "I am a full time local truck driver and part time model. I turned my childhood dream of driving a truck into a reality and I'm loving every moment of it. The freedom, wisdom rewards and challenges it brings everyday are priceless to me. I love the people I meet every day and bringing a smile to a face."

Her number one goal, she wrote, was to buy her own Kenworth. In the meantime, she sports a "Kenworth" tattoo on her neck.