Long-hauling of perishable commodities by rail using advanced temperature-controlled 53-foot containers last year saved C.R. England more than 3.5 million gallons of fuel compared to over-the-road operations. For that, the carrier won Thermo King's Energy Efficiency Leader Award, with a ceremony set for today.
C.R. England is building a fleet of 53-foot-long refrigerated containers that will total 300 by early 2011
C.R. England is building a fleet of 53-foot-long refrigerated containers that will total 300 by early 2011

England set up a TempStack container-on-flatcar (COFC) operation within its Intermodal Division to combine the benefits of rail transportation with the convenience of localized trailer delivery, a Thermo King announcement said. The company also expects to lower fuel expense by 40 percent compared to traditional operating models with advanced reefer control functions, and meanwhile set up a standardized maintenance program to further reduce costs.

"It's not often in business that you find a solution providing end-to-end benefits," said Dan England, president and chairman of the board. "Our commitment to sustainability has also opened the door to improved safety, reliability and cost savings while giving our customers even better service."

England is building a fleet of 53-foot-long containers that will total 300 by early 2011. They are built for double stacking in railroads' "well" cars. Every load that travels by rail means one less truck on the highway, reducing fuel costs, carbon emissions and traffic congestion, and ultimately creating safer roads, England said. On average, each load converted to intermodal results in a 60 percent carbon footprint reduction.

Each container has a TK reefer unit with an OptiSet customized control system to accommodate many types of commodities and shippers' preferences for temperature levels. More than 500 pre-set temperature options are available, many emphasizing Cycle Sentry stop-start operation of the unit's engine rather than continuous running.

To reduce variable maintenance costs, leaders at C.R. England have incorporated a standardized maintenance program. C.R. England anticipates the enhanced maintenance approach will reduce load loss, extend equipment life and increase driver safety, and will save about $250,000 annually.

Tailored to maximize uptime and productivity for C.R. England, the maintenance program provides drivers 24/7 access to expedited services. The company anticipates that carefully maintained equipment will further improve safety and efficiency every step of the way.
cycling the cooling process, providing as-needed rather than continuous cooling.

In addition, C.R. England increased operational efficiency by standardizing its maintenance program, which leaders anticipate will reduce maintenance costs by $250,000 annually.
In a ceremony scheduled for noon today (Dec. 7) in Salt Lake City, Thermo King North America's president, Chris Casazza, will present the energy leadership award to C.R. England's president and chairman, Dan England. Also present will be Peter Corroon, mayor of Salt Lake County, and Mike Winder, mayor of West Valley, Utah.