There are many ways to tell a story – through words in books and magazines, pictures, videos, song, and more. With the inaugural issue of the HDT Fact Book, we are telling trucking’s story through facts, numbers, statistics, charts, and graphs.

Our editorial team has combed through publicly available statistics and worked with researchers and analysts to bring you insights on the current state of the industry, as well as historical trends and future forecasts. Accurate data and information are critical to making good decisions. These numbers can help you in planning and benchmarking your fleet, and in telling trucking’s story to others.

Our hope is that once you’ve looked through all the charts and graphs in this month’s issue, and likely learned a few things you didn’t know before, that you’ll keep this magazine handy all year long as a readily available reference guide.

We’re going to make this an annual project, so let us know how we can make the Fact Book even better for next year. Is there a subject area you’d like us to add? Are there particular statistics or other facts you’d like to know? Email HDT Editor Deborah Lockridge at

View charts and slides showing data points from six categories: