Rand McNally has released the latest update to its MileMaker and IntelliRoute software.

MileMaker is a routing and mileage solution that features both of the trucking industry's standard mileage and routing types: household goods and practical.

With IntelliRoute, users are offered a broad set of routing options that include optimized, multi-stop address-to-address routing, hazardous materials routing and lowest cost routing that optimizes usage of toll roads.

The new software release includes the following:

- Updated postal codes for Canadian provinces and territories - includes 6,768 new postal codes associated with 669 unique community names. An additional 291 communities have lost postal codes and have been adjusted.

- New postal codes for Mexico - representing an increase of 23% new codes since the last update.

- Updated ZIP and Standard Point Location Codes.

- Toll Costs for the U.S. and Canada - including updated ferry costs, and toll road costs such as the Dulles Toll Road and Greenway in Virginia.

- Overhauled rest areas, weigh stations, service areas, and welcome centers - 95 new points were added, and 25 closed facilities were removed, across the U.S. and Canada.

The software updates are available for Mainframe, AS/400, Unix and PC-based platforms of MileMaker and IntelliRoute. The next update/release is scheduled for Q1 2013.