Equinox Owner-Operator Solutions, which offers bookkeeping, tax and business services for owner-operators, now offers Equinox Mailbox, an online solution for truck drivers on the road to review and respond to mail received at home.
Equinox Mailbox will allow drivers to view their home mail from anywhere on the road.
Equinox Mailbox will allow drivers to view their home mail from anywhere on the road.

Mail received at home is scanned and uploaded into a secure, private online portal that drivers can access from any computer, laptop or mobile device.

"In today's world, there is no reason for any one to be inconvenienced by the inefficiencies of paper," said Jon James, vice president of sales and marketing with Equinox's parent company, OnRamp Transportation Services. "Allowing drivers to access all their mail and important documents from anywhere in the U.S. from any device is a huge leap forward. Drivers can now run every aspect of their business from the back of their sleeper just as well as a CEO can run his or her business from a corner office filled with the latest technology,"

Equinox Mailbox takes advantage of advances in document management and cloud computing technologies. Equinox uses new scanning and document management technology to process, scan and manage thousands of paper documents, which turns them into scanned, digital documents with no loss of clarity and readability. All documents are accessible through the Equinox Mailbox Web Portal, which offers drivers the ability to review every page, zoom in to read fine print, and turn pages like any other digital document.

Every truck driver is assigned his or her own private and secure archive of mail received by day and month. Each original paper copy of the document is then archived by Equinox for a pre-determined amount of time in accordance with applicable tax laws, business best practices and document management recommended guidelines, and can be forwarded on to any destination specified by the customer.

"We have worked with independent contractors and owner-operators for a long time, and a common issue we have always heard is the challenge drivers have in reviewing and responding to important documents received in the mail at home when they're off spending up to 25 days a month on the road," said Colton Lawrence, president of Equinox Owner-Operator Solutions. "With our experience in automatically processing and archiving thousands of tax returns and profit & loss statements, we knew how to efficiently process and securely upload documents to our secure online portals, where the driver can access and review them."

More information is available at equinoxlife.com/mailbox, where customers can enroll and begin to use the service.