The DOT is reminding the industry that the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners is now live. The registry is part of a rule posted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration aiming to shore up driver medical standards.

The new rule requires those who perform medical exams for drivers to be trained, tested and certified to a national standard. It also has created a national online registry of examiners who have met the certification requirement.

The National Registry system went live on May 21, 2012. Now, the agency says, medical examiners, training organizations, testing organizations and commercial motor vehicle drivers can easily find the information they need to participate and comply with the new program requirements.

Additionally, training organizations can sign up to be listed on the National Registry, which will allow medical examiner candidates to quickly locate training providers in their area. If you are interested in being listed on the National Registry, follow these steps to sign up:

1. Go to the National Registry website at

2. Click "Training and Testing Organizations" tab.

3. Click "Sign up to Be Listed on the Registry" from the left-hand navigation.

4. Fill in the form and click "Submit".

Additional system functionality will be available after August 20. To learn more about the National Registry, go to

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