Fontaine Fifth Wheel is offering driver training to teach drivers proper fifth wheel coupling and uncoupling procedures when picking up a load to ensure a good connection and to prevent equipment damage

Fontaine's "Driver's Training Corner" on the home page of its website provides easy access to the company's training materials on coupling procedures, including videos and downloadable illustrated guides.

"With the variety of fifth wheel designs currently available, it's very easy for a driver to get used to one type of wheel, and then switch to a truck that uses a completely different fifth wheel with its own coupling processes," says Terry Mennen, Fontaine Fifth Wheel vice president of sales and marketing. "It's crucial that drivers be aware of and follow the proper procedures for the specific fifth wheel they are using on a given day."

To properly couple using any fifth wheel, the driver must get out of the cab to visually inspect the fifth wheel at the start of the coupling process and again to confirm that the fifth wheel is at the proper height in relation to the trailer. The driver should also take time to confirm a proper connection with no space between the fifth wheel and the kingpin plate on the trailer.

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