In our May 2012 issue, HDT looked at ways to save on business costs. The following articles offer more information on that topic:

One Fleet Cuts Lighting Costs

You spend a lot of time, energy and money looking for ways to save on fuel costs, but what about the energy cost at your facilities?

10 Ways to Control Workers' Compensation Costs

Workers' Compensation has fast become a leading cost factor in business insurance programs. Premiums are at an all-time high within many business classes and the indirect costs associated with employee injuries are often two to three times the premium. Many businesses are left feeling helpless in controlling these costs and do not realize the level of control they can have.

Cut Costs with an Accident Management Program

Most trucking companies are not taking advantage of a proven way to achieve significant net cost reductions: outsourcing their accident management program. By partnering with the right company, a truck fleet can cut the net cost of accidents by tens of thousands of dollars a year or more in a number of ways.

Little Things Mean a Lot: 10 Ways to Cut Costs and Boost the Bottom Line

It's important to recognize that, for every dollar that your company spends, you will have to make $10-$20 in revenue to make up for it. That's right. With such high overhead cost, few trucking companies yield more than a 10% profit margin, often much less. Therefore, a dollar in revenue is certainly not a dollar in profit.

Logistics Consulting: Convert Inefficiencies to Bottom Line Savings

With recent reports showing that the nation's transportation costs were up 10% over the previous year, it's no wonder U.S. businesses continue to look for every avenue of cost-savings possible. The answer for many fleets, even those with as few as five or six trucks, is getting professional advice from a logistics consulting provider.