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The Bottom Line

Vehicle Insurance Myths, Debunked

Your customers rely on you to deliver, and by keeping your vehicles on the road, your business will be more profitable. Simply stated, time is money. Within the world of commercial auto insurance, we've found that there are some common misconceptions that could cost your business time and money

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10 Ways to Cut 
Business Costs

Fuel. Equipment. Tires. Tolls. Costs keep rising, and rates aren't keeping up. Instead of chasing after more loads and more revenue, you may be better off taking a careful look at the cost side of the equation

Little Things Mean a Lot: 10 Ways to Cut Costs and Boost the Bottom Line

It's important to recognize that, for every dollar that your company spends, you will have to make $10-$20 in revenue to make up for it

10 Ways to Control Workers' Compensation Costs

Workers' Compensation has fast become a leading cost factor in business insurance programs

One Fleet Cuts Lighting Costs

You spend a lot of time, energy and money looking for ways to save on fuel costs, but what about the energy cost at your facilities

Saving on Business Costs

In our May 2012 issue, HDT looked at ways to save on business costs. The following articles offer more information on that topic

Logistics Consulting: Convert Inefficiencies to Bottom Line Savings

With recent reports showing that the nation's transportation costs were up 10% over the previous year, it's no wonder U.S. businesses continue to look for every avenue of cost-savings possible

CEI Group Says Truck Fleets Missing Opportunities to Cut Accident Costs

Fleets may be missing opportunities to reduce the cost of accidents by millions of dollars, according to Luann Dunkerley, The CEI Group's manager of business development for truck fleet services

Getting the Most from Your Limited Budget Through Life-cycle Cost Analysis

Financial constraints often force fleet managers to make tough equipment decisions. Should I repair a vehicle or replace it

Why Real-World Fuel Efficiency Numbers Don't Match up to Lab Tests

Real-life fuel consumption reduction numbers never live up to the numbers some tire makers tout when promoting fuel efficiency. One reason is that tire makers conduct their testing and evaluation under ideal conditions on test tracks to control as many variables as possible