Sidump'r Trailer, the Plainview, Neb., manufacturer of side-dump trailers, is making Air-Weigh's QuickLoad Trailer Scale a standard feature on its products.

The scale features an icon-based touch-screen display showing weight on the axle group to within 300 pounds. This screen also gives access to settings and the alarm feature. The scale is configured with an LED alarm lamp that indicates the customer-set threshold for maximum load, allowing accurate maximized loading without the driver leaving the cab. In many loading situations where these trailers work, the driver is forbidden from leaving the cab for safety reasons.

"Because the scale prevents overloading in those environments where there is no scale at the loading point, we see less abuse and our customers get the maximum life from their Sidump'r trailers," says Sidump'r General Manager Jennifer Koepke.

Sidump'r trailers tip to either side and are used where materials must be spread as the truck progresses. Other applications include those where height is limited or on uneven or soft ground that can result in the rollover of a conventional end-dump.