There are now 10 alignment and vehicle handling training videos in M.D. Alignment's online video library with the addition the two latest products.

Mike Beckett has just added "Outside Edge Wear, Right Front Tire" and "Inside Edge Wear, Left Front Tire." In the videos, Beckett explains the causes of such irregular tire wear and walks the viewer through a diagnostic process to eliminate potential causes. The result, Beckett says, is longer tire life through better chassis and wheel alignment.

"These instructional videos are the culmination of my decades of experience dealing with truck alignment issues. The complete set contains valuable insights on ways to save money from the simple adjustments we recommend in the videos," Beckett says.

The entire video library is available on line. Once payment is arranged, each video will be accessible to the client for unlimited views for a two week period. Each video runs up to 30 minutes; some may be shorter or longer depending on the complexity of the subject. You will need Quicktime installed on your computer to run these videos. Each video is available for only $9.95.

The complete series includes:
- String and Tape Alignment Procedures
- Truck Alignment Course # 101
- Alignment Training Course # 102, using the ProTrak Laser system.
- ProTrak Laser Training, with basic tire wear identification
- Cupping Overview (Inconsistent Drag)
- Handling Issues Overview
- Feathered Wear Overview
- Outside Edge Wear, Right Front Tire
- Inside Edge Wear, Left Front Tire
- Factory Alignment Spec vs. Real World -- our view on the value of factory alignment specs, and how they relate to the real world tire wear and vehicle handling issues we see every day.

Currently, the following video is available free: Alignment Introduction; introduction to the video project, outlines, goals and objectives.

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