CoPilot Truck now combines ALK's CoPilot Truck commercial truck GPS navigation solution, industry standard PC*MILER routing, and Qualcomm's In-Motion User Interface design for a safe driving experience with text-to-speech functionality.

A fully on-board navigation solution, CoPilot Truck calculates optimal, truck-specific routes on-board without using mobile communications and off-board computations. It ensures constant access to reliable on-board highway and street maps. Voice guided, truck specific turn-by-turn directions are automatically generated, and CoPilot Truck will instantly calculate a new route if a driver misses a turn or goes off the planned route.

CoPilot Truck uses up-to-date, street-level ALK Digital Maps of the United States and Canada, enhanced with PC*MILER truck-specific attributes and millions of points of interest (POIs) -- including truck services, truck stops, rest areas and weigh stations -- all stored on-board the MCP200 and MCP110 devices. This driver-centric navigation solution delivers routes based on custom vehicle profiles, routing parameters and load-specific information.

"CoPilot Truck Optimized by Qualcomm provides users of the Qualcomm Mobile Computing Platform a state-of-the-art navigation system," said Norm Ellis, vice president of sales, services and marketing for Qualcomm Enterprise Services. "ALK's technology brings the potential for great cost savings for MCP-equipped fleets by improving fuel efficiency, driver safety, compliance and on-time performance."

Advanced navigation features include clear 2D, 3D and Driver Safety guidance views with real signpost information and lane markings, along with detailed voice instructions using text-to-speech technology to pronounce full street names. Clearly displayed automatic alerts appear on-screen to warn the driver of upcoming potential hazards. CoPilot Truck's voice guided navigation improves driver safety by providing "hands free" truck-legal directions.

"CoPilot Truck Optimized by Qualcomm is initially available for the MCP200 and MCP110 series devices, and we are completing work for Qualcomm's upcoming MCP50 series solution," said Michael Kornhauser, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, ALK Technologies. "ALK believes strongly in CoPilot Truck's proven on-board navigation ROI and we are very excited to bring this PC*MILER routing based solution to Qualcomm's customers."

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