The latest product release from Navteq, Loading Dock Locations, will guide drivers right into the loading dock, not just to the street address of the customer.

Loading Dock Locations provide additional point-of-interest information such as dock name and delivery entrance. Navteq customers can use the information to create down to the last yard, turn-by-turn guidance for navigation systems using Navteq maps and content.

As many docks are often separated or are some distance from the street address, Loading Dock Locations can reduce both driver and recipient frustration by enabling more timely and accurate pickup and delivery information. The potential for cost savings is realized by reducing risk of unanticipated wait times and penalty fees as a result of missing previously appointed time slots as well as reduction in fuel consumption.

"As margins continue to narrow in the trucking industry due to competition, climbing fuel costs, and just-in-time logistics, trucking companies need to find ways to cut their costs, maximize their time, and minimize their risks," stated Scott Scheuber, director North America map and content products for Navteq. "With the new Loading Dock Locations content our customers are able to enhance the value of route optimization and navigation solutions with efficiency gains and greater arrival time certainty."

With this initial release, Loading Dock information is available for airports, amusement parks, casinos, convention centers, golf courses, hospitals, hotels, universities, recreation centers, shopping centers, and sports complexes. Current coverage includes ten metropolitan areas in the United States. Navteq anticipates expanding the content to additional cities before the end of the year.