Pegasus TransTech has introduced the Transflo Workflow Library, a series of software templates for the trucking business that simplify Transflo Workflow 2010 solutions.

Transflo Workflow 2010 improves operating efficiency and reduces costs by creating consistent, repeatable business processes. The templates enable a fleet to identify, optimize, and track virtually any business process and implement solutions. Transflo Workflow ties disparate systems together unifying corporate information and activities. It can be deployed across platforms and departments to manage any process that involves people, systems and data.

Using Workflow, carriers can identify processes and streamline them, eliminating inefficiencies and enforcing business rules and best practices going forward. Transflo Workflow extends, enhances, reports, and monitors systems already in place.

The first Workflow Library templates are built to expedite driver payroll, logistics, and maintenance as well as driver qualification and hiring. More templates, including safety department, detention, and maintenance, are being developed and will be available soon.

Workflow integrates various trucking applications tying systems together and allowing for processes requiring approvals, exceptions, decision-making, reporting, and communication to be shared across the organization. The Workflow Library with minimal changes can be adapted to any business, taking existing processes that are bottlenecked and optimizing them.

Beyond automating the flow of documents and data, Workflow 2010 enables a company to optimize processes. By eliminating unnecessary paperwork, missing data, orphaned processes. and inefficient steps, a fleet can reduce costs, increase accuracy, improve speed of service, and show a measurable return on investment.